3856 Sequoia St
San Diego, CA 92109

Check-in times

We will meet you in person for check-in or we can virtually FaceTime. Please let us know when you plan to arrive!





Need to Reach Out?

Concierge Service

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason. We can assist with car service, private chef, restaurant and club reservations, exotic car rental, and much more.


You can park on the street overnight. Please make sure you check signs for street sweeping days. If you are parking in front of the house the street cleaning day is the first Wednesday of each month from 10AM-1PM. The garage can be accessed from the alley behind the home. You are free to park in the garage during your stay. The garage remote will be on the kitchen counter when you arrive. Please do not take the remote with you. Lost remotes incur a $50 charge.

Front Door

The code for front door is the last 4 of your phone number. There is a Yale keypad lock on the front door. To open the door touch the Yale logo to wakeup the lock. Enter your code and hit the "check mark" in the bottom left corner. To lock the door simply hit the Yale logo.


The home is equipped with Fire Sprinklers, Smoke Detector, and Carbon Monoxide Detector. In addition, there are fire extinguishers located in the kitchen and next to the BBQ on the top floor deck. Please identify both Fire Extinguishers when you enter the home. The First Aid Kit is in the cabinet left of the fridge. If you cannot locate any of the safety features, please let the host know. In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately.


Name: TheExperientials
Password: 3857Sequoia!

You can also join the Wi-Fi via the Google Home device in the living room under the TV. If you click on "Connectivity" and select Wi-Fi you will see the name + password or you can take a photo of the QR code.

General Home

Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. There is Wi-Fi throughout the home and a Google Home device located under the TV. The TV is a smart TV equipped with the latest streaming platforms. You are welcome to use the homes Netflix account or log in to your own accounts on any streaming platform available.


The couch in the living room is a pull-out bed and two of the upstairs bedrooms have queen size beanbags that open to become a floor mattress. Extra pillows, comforters, and sheets can be found in the bedroom closets. At any time if you need more bedding, please let the host know.

A/C & Heater

There are units throughout the home in all rooms. You can turn these on using the controls on the unit or with the nearest remotes located next to the light switch. The units work quickly to get the rooms to your desired temperature, and you do not need to leave them on if you are leaving for more than 15 minutes. To conserve energy please turn off the AC/Heat units when you leave the room.


There are trash cans located throughout the home in all bedrooms and common areas. The kitchen trash is in the pull-out drawer next to the dishwasher and to the right of the BBQ at the outdoor kitchen. If you need to take out trash you can use the cans located in the garage. If the outside cans fill up during your stay please let the host know.


The home is cleaned within 12 hours of each guest arriving, so we do not expect you to encounter any messes. We understand that things happen during your stay so if you need to access cleaning supplies for any reason, please look under the sink in the kitchen. Please let the host know if you need additional assistance with any cleanup that may be necessary.


The home is equipped with basic cooking utensils, pots and pans. If you plan to need any specific kitchen essentials, please let the host know what you need ahead of time, and we can ensure it is in the home. There is a BBQ tool set located on the top floor outdoor kitchen in the drawers next to the BBQ.