How to use Keurig:

  • Fill the water reservoir before brewing. 
  • Press the power button for the water to heat up. 
  • Once heated up, open the lid, and place your coffee pod in the coffee chamber. 
  • Close the lid, place your mug under the drink plate, select your cup size. 
  • Hit the brew button. 

Samsung A/C Units (every room):

The remotes can be located on the walls nearby each unit where you can control your temperature to your liking. 

Smart TV’s:

There are 4 Smart TV’s located throughout the house enabled with complimentary Netflix. 

Google Home

Our home is equipped with GoogleHome displays in each room. On these displays, you can scan the QR code for complimentary WiFi. You may also verbally request commands to the Google displays such as: “Hey Google, turn on the living room lights!” or “Hey Google, play Spotify!” (Spotify complimentary)