Desert Villa



5826 N 81st St
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Check-in times

We can facilitate a remote check-in process or you can schedule a FaceTime walkthrough. Please let us know when you plan to arrive!





Need to Reach Out?

Front Door

A 4 digit code for the front door will be sent via email an hour prior to check-in. There is a Yale keypad lock on the front door. To open the door touch the Yale logo to wakeup the lock. Enter your code and hit the "check mark" in the bottom left corner. To lock the door simply hit the Yale logo.


WiFi Name: TheExperientials
WiFi Password: 5826Experientials!


You can park on the street, in the driveway or inside the garage. To open the garage door, enter the garage through the house and press the garage "open" button located on the right-hand side of the door (leading to the house).

Concierge Service

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason. We can assist with car service, private chef, restaurant and club reservations, exotic car rental, and much more.


The home is equipped with Fire Sprinklers, Smoke Detector, and Carbon Monoxide Detector. In addition, there are fire extinguishers located in the kitchen and next to the BBQ on the top floor deck. Please identify both Fire Extinguishers when you enter the home. The First Aid Kit is in the cabinet left of the fridge. If you cannot locate any of the safety features, please let the host know. In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately.

General Home

Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. There is Wi-Fi throughout the home. The TV is a Smart TV equipped with the latest streaming platforms.  You are welcome to use the home's Netflix account or log in to your own accounts on any streaming  platform available.  


Extra pillows, linens, and towels can be found in the bedroom closets. At any time if you need more bedding, please let the Experience Manager know.  

A/C & Heater

To conserve energy please turn off the AC/Heat units when you leave the room.


There are trash cans located throughout the home in all bedrooms and common areas. If the outside cans fill  up during your stay please let the host know.  


The home is cleaned within 12 hours of each guest arriving, so we do not expect you to encounter any  messes. Please let the host know if you need additional assistance with any cleanup that may be necessary.  


The home is equipped with basic cooking utensils, pots and pans. If you plan to need any specific kitchen  essentials, please let the host know what you need ahead of time, and we can ensure it is in the home.  

Check Out

Check out is 11:00am on the last day of your stay. If you need to check out later than 11:00am please let the Experience Manager know and we will do our best to accommodate.  

House Rules

No parties, loud gatherings, or nuisances allowed. We have easy-going neighbors who rarely complain  so there is a zero-tolerance policy for noise complaints or police being called. No non-registered  overnight guests allowed. The city of Scottsdale has a strict no-tolerance policy for parties and any exceptions will not be made. Any city of Scottsdale noise complaint fines will be automatically billed to the customer. Fines start at $250, upwards of $1,500.

No smoking, incense, burning, or vaping of any substance in the home or on the balconies. You are  welcome to smoke on the front patio or behind the garage, please properly dispose of any trash. If there  is an unpleasant odor in the home, please notify the host immediately and they will remedy the problem.

Please notify the host beforehand if you will be bringing any pets or service animals. Animals of any kind  are not allowed on furniture unless it is qualified and registered under the ADA Service Animal  guidelines.

No unregistered guests or visitors allowed.

Quiet hours are: 10:00PM-6AM.


How to use Keurig:
  • Fill the water reservoir before brewing. 
  • Press the power button for the water to heat up. 
  • Once heated up, open the lid, and place your coffee pod in the coffee chamber. 
  • Close the lid, place your mug under the drink plate, select your cup size. 
  • Hit the brew button. 

Hallman Oven Instructions: 

Oven Use: To light the oven burner, push and turn the appropriate control knob counter clockwise to the (150°F~500°F)position. You will hear a clicking noise – the sound of the electric spark igniting the burner. Once burner ignition has been achieved, then turn the burner control knob to adjust the desired heat setting.

Guidelines for Cooktop Burners: To light the top burners, push and turn the appropriate control knob counter clockwise to the “HI” position. You will hear a clicking noise – the sound of the electric spark igniting the burner. Once burner ignition has been achieved, then turn the burner control knob to adjust the desired heat setting.

Griddle Use: Push and turn the control knob counter-clockwise to the preferred cooking temperature.Preheat the griddle for 10-12 minutes.When the griddle is preheated to the desired temperature, the indicator light will turn on.Butter or cooking oil can be added for more flavor, then plate the food to cook.

Broil Burner Use: To light the broiler burner, push and turn the appropriate control knob clockwise to the broil position. You will hear a clicking noise – the sound of the electric spark igniting the burner. Keep pressing about 4 seconds until the burner ignition has been achieved

Kitchen Main Sink: 

Note: The sink is touchless. 

Once the nozzle is open, you may also touch the head of the nozzle to operate the water on/off. 


Located to the left of the refrigerator within the kitchen cabinet. 

Living Room Bathroom: 

The door that exits to the outside from this bathroom’s door handle has to be lifted up to lock properly. 

Movie Theater: 

85” Smart Samsung TV. 

Note: the white remote controls the soundbar by pressing the Power button. The TV can be Powered/controlled with the black remote. 


Both A/C Nest Hubs are located upstairs. 

One is behind the bar. 

One next to the closet door at the top of the stairs. 

Upstairs Closet: 

Holds 3 CordaRoy Bean Bags that unzip into full-size beds 


All Smart TV’s are controlled by chromecast remotes equipped with complimentary Netflix. 

Master Bedroom Shower: 

Includes ‘Mr. Steam’

Locate the black screen to the left of the shower wall. 

Press the start button to turn on the steam generator. 

Steam will begin to flow a few minutes after the start button is pressed.

Set Timer Screen: 

Press the timer button on the dashboard to access the set timer screen. 

Swipe your finger up/down to select the desired time. 

Set Temperature Screen: 

Press the temperature button on the dashboard to access the set temperature screen. 

The default temp is 110 degrees fahrenheit.

 Swipe your finger to set the desired temperature. 

Automatic Shutters: 

They are located throughout the house. 

Each room, you can locate a white remote on the wall next to the light switch plates. 

You can control the movement of the shutters by pressing the up/down arrows. 

Dash Button:

Can be pressed when you want to stop the shutters from moving.

If ever the shutters are not working, please make sure it is set to Channel 0 to operate the shutters. This is on the left of the remote by using the line feature. 

Google Home:

Our home is equipped with GoogleHome displays in each room and 1 GoogleSpeaker on both floors of the Villa.  On each display, you will find the WiFi information. 

You may also verbally request commands to the Google displays such as: “Hey Google, turn on bedroom lights!” or “Hey Google, play Spotify!” (Spotify complimentary)

Here are a few routines to enhance your experience throughout the house: 

Say:“Hey Google, welcome home mode” → all house lights will turn on. A/C will be set to 72 degrees fahrenheit. Music will play downstairs

At night, say: “Hey Google, vibe mode” → the manzanita tree and hanging lamps above the kitchen will go red, all lights will dim, A/C will be set to 72 degrees fahrenheit and music will begin to play

When you’re ready to go to bed, if you would like to set an alarm or sleep sounds to play, say: 

“Hey Google, bed time” to your display next to your bed. 

You can also ask “Hey Google, what does tomorrow’s weather look like?” or “Hey Google, read me a poem”

When leaving the house, if you’d like to shut everything off, say: “Hey Google, turn over mode” → all lights and A/C will shut off throughout the house.