House Rules

No parties, loud gatherings, or nuisances allowed. We have a restaurant establishment below the bungalow and easy-going neighbors who rarely complain. So there is a zero-tolerance policy for noise complaints or police being called. No non-registered overnight guests allowed.

No smoking, incense, burning, or vaping of any substance in the home or on the balconies. You are
welcome to smoke on the street, please properly dispose of any trash. If there is an unpleasant odor in the unit, please notify the host immediately and they will remedy the problem.

Please notify the host beforehand if you will be bringing any pets or service animals. Animals of any kind are not allowed on furniture unless it is qualified and registered under the ADA Service Animal guidelines.

No unregistered guests or visitors allowed.
Quiet hours are 10PM Sun-Th, 12PM F-Sat.